Gareth Camilo Sims

Gareth Sims


Gareth works in our Bristol office. He Joined Deighton Pierce Glynn in 2015 as a paralegal before completing his training contract with the firm in October 2018.

Before joining DPG Gareth worked for various environmental and human rights NGOs. He worked for almost a year at the Human Rights Law Network in India on police disappearance and death penalty cases where he was part of a small team that secured a landmark judgement from the Supreme Court of India which effectively halted the recommencement of the death penalty in the country.

His work for environmental NGOs was largely centred around advising on legislation passing through Westminster and Cardiff and advising on Welsh constitutional matters. He is a Welsh-speaker with interests in Welsh language rights.


Gareth works with partners Frances Lipman, Daniel Carey and Adam Hundt on a wide range of cases involving human rights, public law, environmental, international and civil damages claims. The areas of practice include migrant support, immigration detention, community care, human trafficking, access to healthcare, information rights, and discrimination claims.

He has also worked on international claims against multinational companies for human rights abuses committed abroad, including claims on behalf of people in the North Mara region of Tanzania against Acacia Mining for abuses.

Gareth has a particular expertise and interest in environmental law and regularly advises environmental groups and NGOs on a range of issues.

Since the inception of the National Assembly for Wales, Gareth has closely followed the development of Welsh law and constitutional affairs and he has advised a number of organisations on these matters. He has a particular expertise in the Well-Being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 on which he has written papers and provided workshops.

Gareth also works on the Oil Justice Project which was established by DPG’s Sue Willman with War on Want as a means to find creative ways of tackling human rights and environmental abuses in Colombia.

He has an LLM Masters in International Environmental law from the University of Nottingham. He is a member of the UK Environmental Law Association. He is also a member of the Colombian Caravana, a UK based charity working to protect human rights defenders in Colombia and he travelled to the country in 2016 to document abuses.