Dr Shaki Sanusi

Shaki works as a Solicitor at our London office.


She qualified with Deighton Guedalla and was admitted to practice in 2002. Her area of special interest is women’s rights. She holds a Ph.D. in international law from the LSE focusing on race, culture and essentialism in feminist approaches to international human rights law: an African perspective which considered not only feminist legal theory in its reconceptualization of the international legal order but the African regional system of rights protection; itself based on established international law principles.


Her practice in individual enforcement of rights has focused on claimant work bringing private and public law challenges and claims against public authorities, unlawful detention claims, trafficking claims, redress for victims of abuse in institutional settings, inquests and inquiry work.

Shaki also brings international law experience having worked variously as Senior Legal Advisor to the Registrar at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, the UN-backed international criminal tribunal, as a Human Rights Officer at the Commonwealth Secretariat,  and Consultant on the African Union’s Commission of Inquiry on South Sudan dealing with egregious violations of human rights. She has published on international criminal law with a focus on the Sierra Leone Tribunal and has also contributed to many workshops/seminars particularly on women’s rights and the implementation of human rights in Africa.

Sample cases

Shaki has settled a number of claims in the course of her work – Article 4 claims, unlawful detention claims, civil claims arising out of inquests and tort claims (assault, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution) brought with HRA claims as appropriate.

ARF  –  Successful unlawful detention claim in which detention of a mentally ill victim of trafficking was found to breach Article 3 ECHR..

SL – Inquest into a self inflicted death in a secure unit. Failure to follow procedures had a ‘clear and direct effect’ on the deceased’s passing; a gross failing of medical care from staff at the institution. The jury found that the deceased’s death was contributed to by neglect

Grenfell Inquiry –  At her previous firm, Shaki worked on the Grenfell Inquiry representing Bereaved, Survivors and Residents (BSRs).