A Black lady, smiling. She has long braided hair.

DPG lawyer selected for distinguished leadership program

Unkha Banda has been selected to participate in the hugely prestigious US Government International Visitor Leadership Program on Strategic Litigation for Social Change. The project was designed by U.S. Embassy London to support practitioners in the UK in developing a better understanding of how legal and non-profit organizations can use the law to advance the clarification, respect, protection, and fulfilment of rights of marginalised and under-represented communities.

Participants will be introduced to individuals, academics, non-profit organizations, and institutions that have understood and applied the power of legal tools like strategic litigation to enact positive change.  They will meet with those who have affected change through courts, tribunals, committees, and other international bodies. They will also develop ideas on how to coordinate efforts alongside campaign groups, charities, and activists to affect systemic changes for good. The programme is for two weeks in the United States, and will include meetings at the US Supreme Court, historically black universities such as Howard, and with organisations such as the American Civil Liberties Union (‘ACLU’).

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