Aims & Values

Our aims:

  • We use the law to empower our clients to challenge abuses, failures, and other unlawful conduct by the government and those with power.
  • We are committed to becoming an anti-racist firm. We work together to make the firm sustainable financially and for each other.
  • We put clients first. We are collaborative. We aspire to excellence in all we do.

Our values:

  • Respect
  • Fairness and openness
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Promoting equal opportunity and empowering each other to fulfil their potential & by having these values, creating a firm that survives and thrives.

Our culture:

We respect people’s individual and unique contribution to the firm, and we respect each other. We work collaboratively and supportively to help each other achieve the best results for our clients. We respect our clients and show respect to our colleagues outside the firm. We seek to work with and collaborate with other organisations who share our values. Decisions are taken in accordance with our values and culture and are shared within the firm, save where this would not be fair or respectful to others.
We are fair and open in our dealings with each other. We are open about how the firm is run so as to enable everyone to contribute to the discussion about making the firm a better place where we can achieve our aims. We are open about the financial realities of the work we do and the compromises that on occasions may need to be made. We believe that by pulling together we will achieve more.

We accept our own and others’ vulnerabilities and difficulties and provide each other with additional support when needed. We aim always to be inclusive, positive and supportive. At times we need to celebrate our achievements and at other times to share and learn from our mistakes. We work collaboratively because by doing this we support each other to become better at what we do and provide a better service to our clients.

Integrity and trust are key to our culture, both internally and externally. We are also honest about our own shortcomings both as individuals and as an organisation and use this honesty as a means to continue to strive to improve.

We empower each other to fulfil our potential and promote equal opportunities. We believe by doing this we get the best people and build the best team. We encourage people to take responsibility for their contribution to the firm and by providing information to them, enable this to happen. We want everyone to take responsibility for ensuring that their work is run in the most effective and efficient way to achieve our aims.

The firm is a group of people who are working towards agreed aims. To do this effectively we have created systems of management. When these systems become unhelpful then they should be changed and we are all responsible for ensuring this happens. By doing this we create systems that work smoothly and effectively & create a firm that survives.
Management serves the aims of the firm.