Acting for migrants

Refugees and migrants

We seek to empower people coming to the UK to understand and access their rights across a wide range of areas from housing and welfare benefits to social services and NHS provision. We do this directly and through the PAP project.

This is an area of law that is notoriously complex. Our solicitors are skilled at explaining the law in simple terms and, in appropriate cases, using litigation to access support.

We have acted in many of the leading cases in this area. Increasingly, we are instructed by charities and others to advise on strategic litigation in this area, including interventions in court proceedings in which an issue of wider importance is raised.

One of our senior solicitors, Sue Willman, is the author of the leading textbook in this area: Support for Asylum Seekers and other Migrants, published by the Legal Action Group. Sasha Rozansky writes regular updates in the Legal Action Group’s monthly magazine on this issue.

We frequently work with the main charities and NGOs working with refugees and other people coming to the UK both in the UK and abroad, providing advice, training and input into policy work.