Violence against women

Violence against women

We are one of the pioneers of the use of the law to challenge failings by the criminal justice system to act against domestic and sexual violence against women.

We assist survivors of abuse and families bereaved by domestic violence to expose state failings and fight for improvements in the way the system responds to violence against women.

Our solicitors who work in this area have nationally recognised reputations. We have been involved in some of the key cases in challenging state failings in relation to violence against women, including high profile inquests such as Colette Lynch, Rachael and Auden Slack and Maria Stubbings, the Court of Appeal case Allen v Hampshire police and the Supreme Court case Michael v South Wales Police.

Our experience includes challenging decisions by the CPS or police not to prosecute or investigate; securing proper inquiries into state failings where they may have contributed to the death of a woman at the hands of her partner; and securing redress for failures to protect by state bodies, including the police, the CPS, social services and NHS trusts. This can include not only financial redress but also securing disciplinary action and addressing systemic failings.

We are able to provide a holistic approach as a result of our related expertise in actions against public authorities, inquests, judicial review challenges and discrimination claims.

We work with frontline organisations supporting survivors of abuse to highlight how the law can be used to challenge state failings in this field, to identify where changes in policies and procedures are needed and to ensure our clients receive the support they need as their case progresses.