Failures to protect

We have nationally expertise in providing advice and representation where state-bodies fail to comply with their duties to protect those are vulnerable or who are otherwise known to be at risk of harm.

Our expertise both in bringing judicial review claims and claims for damages enables us to provide a full package of legal support – from compelling public bodies to meet their duties to provide protection and support, to securing financial redress for historic breaches, to bringing test case litigation to remedy systemic failings so to minimise the risk of future harm.

We act for children who have been neglected or abused in bringing claims for redress not only from their abusers but also from those who should have protected them, including social services, the NHS and the police.

We represent victims of trafficking and modern day slavery seeking redress for failures to investigate trafficking and to protect the victims of trafficking.

We help victims of crime and witnesses to crime take action to ensure that police investigate and that CPS prosecutes appropriately. Where appropriate, we also represent victims and the families of victims to seek redress where the police, social services or other agencies failed in their duties to protect.

We act for vulnerable adults, including those with mental illnesses or learning disabilities or in detention or residential care, who have been subject to abusive or degrading treatment.