Challenging police misconduct

Challenging police misconduct

Police powers have increased steadily over the years. Challenging abuses of that power can be difficult and complex. Our lawyers have a wealth of expertise in helping victims of police abuses to hold them to account for their misconduct. We will work with you to identify the heart of the wrongdoing to which you have been subjected and then identify the most effective available legal remedy.

We can advise you on human rights claims and other types of civil claims for compensation arising from:

Wrongful arrest
Wrongful detention
Wrongful prosecution
Failure to protect victims of crime (eg women facing domestic abuse; survivors of sexual violence)
Unlawful police cautions
Unlawful stop and searches
Judicial review of decisions by the police and IPCC
Retention of DNA and police records
Inaccurate criminal record certificates
Human Rights Act and Data Protection Act issues
Discrimination (whether on basis of race, gender, or other grounds)

We can assist you with complaints and civil claims and where appropriate we can advise in relation to securing disciplinary action and/or prosecution. Where necessary, we will challenge failings in the police disciplinary process or the criminal justice system by way of judicial review.

For further information, see our main actions against the police page – or get in touch with us.