International law & corporate accountability

The firm’s international claims are aimed at getting access to justice from the UK government, corporations and others responsible for serious human rights and environmental violations abroad, where there is no remedy in the home country. Our team’s creativity and diverse experience allow us to work with public, private and non-judicial remedies in new and dynamic ways.

We have made imaginative use of judicial review in the UK bringing the first judicial review to confirm the UK Foreign Office’s duty to carry out an “OSJA” risk assessment before collaborating with foreign regimes which may engage in human rights violations like torture, like Sudan and Saudi Arabia.

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do- having the confidence to exchange information and ideas with other lawyers and experts, within the UK and abroad. We have worked successfully on cases with ECCHR, FIDH, Reprieve, Redress, International Rights Advocates, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch as well as country-specific NGOs like the Gulf Human Rights Centre, BIRD and Arab Organisation for Human Rights in the UK.

By instructing the top lawyers: Dinah Rose QC (Blackstone’s Chambers), Geoffrey Robertson QC (Doughty Street Chambers) and Ian McDonald QC (Matrix), we have won cases and attracted media attention.

Our corporate accountability work has ranged from OECD complaints re Formula 1 and plastic bullets in Bahrain to representing in a multi-party tort claim against oil companies in Colombia. We helped the Oiljustice project with War on Want find funds for the Colombian NGO COSPACC to rebuild a community destroyed by 20 years of environmental and human rights violations by the state and business.