Victims of crime

Image of a statue of Justice, holding scales

Victims of, and witnesses to, crime are increasingly coming to us for help.

Many complain that the police have not done what they could to investigate the crime they have suffered or witnessed or the Crown Prosecution Service has not done what they could to prosecute appropriately. Others are concerned that the police, social services or other agencies failed to prevent the crime.

In many cases the crime in question is one that the authorities tend to treat less seriously for discriminatory reasons – because the crime is domestic violence, or a disability hate crime, or a racist attack.

Many clients want to check they are receiving appropriate support in the aftermath of a crime, including advice on Criminal Injuries Compensation.

Our solicitors who work in this area have nationally recognised reputations for assisting clients who have been victims of crime. We represent victims of many different crimes including rape, racist attacks, homicide and those who have been trafficked and tortured. Some of our clients were victims of crime, and seek our help because the police arrested them when they reported the crime. We have a proven track record in helping those victims who wish to secure criminal prosecutions of the offenders.

We also act for a number of families whose loved one has died despite the police being warned that their lives were under threat.

This is a sensitive area of law but one in which the lawyers at Deighton Pierce Glynn have many years of experience. We can assist you to reopen an investigation, review a decision not to charge an offender, seek compensation for the inadequate way in which your case was investigated and in addition, in cases where a loved one has died, assist you through the inquest process.