DPG Responds to Government’s Review of the Human Rights Act

Deighton Pierce Glynn have responded to the government’s review of the Human Rights Act . This is an important piece of legislation  that has helped many thousands of people to get justice. It is important to note that the government is not proposing abolishing the act or withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights, but has asked for evidence on how the HRA is operating in practice.

Our response to the government can be found here. 

We recommend that no changes are made to how the HRA operates. It is a well-drafted piece of legislation that balances the need for robust human rights remedies in court with parliamentary supremacy and allows UK judges to consider the caselaw of the European Court of Human Rights without being bound by it. The perceived need for change is poorly evidenced and is really an attempt to limit governmental accountability, which should be resisted. Limiting the HRA’s operation would prevent access to justice for vulnerable people in the UK, for whom the HRA is a mechanism to secure a roof over their head; an investigation into the death of a relative; or overdue recognition of their citizenship rights.

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