DPG’s Louise Whitfield shortlisted for the Bob Hepple Equality Award 2018

In recognition of her work in discrimination cases, Louise has been nominated and shortlisted for this award run by the Equal Rights Trust.

The Equal Rights Trust was established in 2007, with a mission to combat discrimination and promote equality as a fundamental human right and a principle of social justice. The Trust was founded to pursue and promote the right to equality as a right to participate in all areas of life on an equal basis, which requires taking a holistic, comprehensive approach to different inequalities.

The Bob Hepple Equality Award recognises the outstanding contributions of proponents of equality, with a particular focus on those who promote the comprehensive approach to equality which drives the work at the Trust. This year the award is celebrating legal victories in the field of equality. Louise’s nomination in 2018 recognised her success in using the law to promote equality.

This year, the Trust sought to recognise individuals whose work had directly resulted in a legal victory in the field of equality, either through legislative reform or before a court. Louise was the solicitor in the Steinfeld & Keidan case which established that the discriminatory bar on heterosexual couples entering into civil partnerships was a breach of the Human Rights Act 1998. After the Supreme Court win in June 2018, the Government announced in early October that they would extend civil partnerships to mixed-sex couples.

For more information on the Equal Rights Trust and the Bob Hepple Equality Award 2018, including all the nominees this year please see their website here.

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