Elliott Johnson deceased

Pre Inquest Hearing Bedfordshire and Luton Coroners Court

March 2 2016

At the hearing Heather Williams QC, instructed by DPG, argued that the Coroner should investigate the events in the last few weeks leading up to Elliott’s death on September 15 2015 – focusing on the bullying by Mark Clarke and his associates, the complaint he made about it to Conservative Party Headquarters, his dismissal by Conservative Way Forward, and the pressure he was under to withdraw the complaint. The Coroner is going to publish his decision on Friday. Our written argument on the scope of the inquest is contained here. We asked the Coroner to expand his witness list to include those directly involved in or who were witness to the bullying and Elliott’s dismissal. These witnesses included Mark Clarke, Andre Walker, Paul Abbott, Chrissie Boyle, and Donal Blaney.

Jane Deighton and Joanna Fleck – solicitors to Mr and Mrs Johnson.

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