Elliott Johnson Inquest – the tape the Coroner wants to hear

The Coroner has said he wishes to hear a tape mentioned by Donal Blaney.

Mr Johnson has said he did too as he had not heard it.

Donal Blaney now tells us that he believes the Coroner was referring to a tape made of a meeting between Mark Clarke Andre Walker and Elliott Johnson on 2 September 2015. This was at the Imperial Dunbar pub in Tooting. This would certainly make sense.

We have heard that tape. Elliott had hoped for an apology from Mark Clarke for the 12 August 2015 incident at the meeting In our view the tape is evidence that Elliott was put under pressure to withdraw his complaint. For instance Walker is heard to make a point of recalling that those who allied themselves with the Vichy Government got shot for it in the end. He says to Elliott “you’ve taken a cardinal rule thrown it on the floor and stamped all over it”. Mark Clarke makes references to Elliott’s future career.

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