Supreme Court cohabitee rights: crowdfunding gathers pace

BBC Radio and the Belfast Telegraph have reported on Denise Brewster’s on-going Crowdjustice campaign to raise funds for her Supreme Court appeal.

Ms Brewster’s case challenges rules in pension schemes which discriminate against couples who are not married or in civil partnerships and which prevent the payment of survivor benefits when one partner dies. However, the case is also likely to have significant ramifications for discriminatory treatment against cohabiting couples more generally.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched to enable Ms Brewster to continue her Supreme Court case about cohabitee rights. The crowdfunding webpage can be found here. The funds are to be used to pay for court fees and to cover the contribution Ms Brewster may have to make towards the government’s legal costs. Please support it!

For the Belfast Telegraph coverage click here. For the link to the BBC radio coverage click here – the item is at 1:13.

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