Undercover Policing Inquiry substantive hearing begins

The Undercover Policing Inquiry hearings finally started on Monday 2 November and will begin with 7 days of opening speeches.

DPG represent a number of core participants the Inquiry: Ken Livingstone, Mr Duwayne Brooks OBE, Nathan Adams, Audrey Adams and Richard Adams.

Our opening speech will be given by Rajiv Menon QC.   It starts at 3.30pm on Wednesday 4 November 2020 and continues at 10am on Thursday.

A link to the hearing is here

Update 05.11.20:  Rajiv Menon QC – counsel for DPG core participants  at the Under Cover Policing Inquiry – gave the first part of his opening speech yesterday  https://www.ucpi.org.uk/hearing/opening-statements-day-3/ . His speech continues today: https://www.ucpi.org.uk/hearing/opening-statements-4/

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