Bandung Conference 2019: Can Kenya end the Colonial Land Grab of the Multi-nationals?

Connie N. Maina Sozi, Partner at Deighton Pierce Glynn, will be a panel member at this conference in Strathmore University’s Law School, Nairobi, on 28 and 29 November 2019. The original Bandung Conference was held in Indonesia in 1955. The first of its kind, it was a conference of 29 African and Asian leaders of non-aligned States who met to discuss issues of concern to them as newly independent States, distinct from the agenda of the major power blocs. The participants aimed to find ways of bringing an end to colonialism in sister states, halt the neo-colonialism agenda pursued by former colonist nations and their financial institutions and stimulate economic and cultural coaction between themselves.

The November 2019 conference continues the anti-neo-colonialist theme in its discussion on ending historical land injustices and continuing injustices perpetrated by multinational corporations, mainly from the West, to the disadvantage and detriment of Kenya’s local communities. It is hoped that the discussions will instil within legal colleagues: practitioners and academics, law students and civil society the urge to take action.

The link to the conference is here.

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