CrowdJustice page: Stop Arming the US Police!

Our client has set up a CrowdJustice page to raise funds for their case against the Government. We are requesting that the Government immediately stops the export of tear gas, rubber bullets, and other potentially lethal equipment, until there is no longer any risk that they will be used to repress peaceful protests and endanger lives. Our client’s initial target of £10,000 will enable them to fund the start of their case. Assuming that the Government does not respond to our pre-action letter, the next step is to prepare the court documents to issue the case in the High Court.

The CrowdJustice page is here, please donate and share widely to support this important case.

Please see this video for more information

Read our previous article for more case details here.

Our client is being represented by DPG partners Ugo Hayter, Dan Carey, and Adam Hundt.

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