Update on Legal Challenge – Stop Arming the US Police!

We are instructed in a case to challenge the UK’s exports of arms equipment (tear gas, rubber bullets, and the like) to the US, that we have all seen is being used to repress peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters. Our client is crowdfunding for this case, and they have reached the initial target of £7,500, which will cover the costs of taking this case to Court.

A few weeks ago the government confirmed that it has completed the review of the exports and has decided that it’s fine to continue exporting arms to the US police and security services. We think this decision is unlawful, so we wrote back explaining why and asking them to reconsider. They asked for more time, and we have explained why that is not acceptable. Events in Kenosha over the last few days have underscored this.

We continue to work on getting the evidence together for the case, with the help of GLAN, CAAT, Amnesty International, and Bellingcat. Please continue to donate and spread the word. This work is difficult and time-consuming, and involves significant financial risk for our client.

The case is being brought by DPG partners Ugo Hayter, Adam Hundt, and Dan Carey.

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