Support for children

Support for children

We help children and young people access accommodation and social services support.

The solicitors in the firm who specialise in this work understand that many young people do not receive clear advice about their legal rights and often miss out on the support to which they are entitled. We aim to empower young people by providing them with clear advice about their options and, where appropriate, helping them use the law to secure their entitlements.

Much of our work is for young people who have experienced institutional care. Frequently this is as a result of being taken into care as children; however, we also help children and young people who have been detained in the criminal justice system. In particular, we help young people in this situation secure the accommodation and other support to which they are entitled as care leavers.

We have experience of helping young people who have been cared for informally by relatives other than their parents to access the accommodation and support to which they are entitled. We are also able to assist relatives and friends who care for such children to secure the support to which they are entitled from social services.

We frequently act for migrant children in age dispute cases. We have been at the forefront of the development of the law in this area and one of our partners, and Zubier Yazdani, was in 2015 shortlisted for the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year award in recognition of his work in this area.

In addition, we have a particular interest in helping disabled children and their families secure appropriate accommodation support. This has included bringing a number of novel and successful claims under the Equality Act where local authorities and others have failed to make reasonable adjustments to their policies for providing housing and support.